Review: Egg & Spoon by Gregory Maguire

Narrated by: Michael Page and definitely worth

***** Five stars!

Egg & Spoon is such a wonderful story – long winded, but wonderful all the same. It seems most people who comment love the witch Baba Yaggah the most, but I love Dumb Domer more I think. Michael Page’s narration was superb as he threw himself into all of the various characters, with gusto!
As indicated this could have been condensed into a smaller story, but the characters make up for the long windedness of it. The real adventure doesn’t begin until well into it when the ‘League of Free Prisoners’ go a-hunting for the ‘fire-bird’ and possible cause of the massive changes in the countryside; including the big City of St Petersberg, where the Czar is holding a party in honour of his nephew – wishing to marry him off to a young, well educated Russian girl from a prominent family. Did the Czar, however even ask is Anton wanted to be married? You shall have to read it to find out. One thing I really like about this story was the ending . . . It could not have been better in my opinion.

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