Review! Pennies for Hitler

Feeling like a spy in WW2

***** – Stars
Wow! What a moving story. Georg, or George is a small German boy who witnesses students of a university massacre their professor… his father, during the revolt against the Jews. Georg, is smuggled out of Germany to England and eventually on to Australia. He is a boy alone in the world who’s identity must be kept hidden, in case he is found out to be the German enemy, occupying allied countries. And possible to be considered, a spy! His heart is broken and then broken again as he’s tossed here and there, an unsuspecting, forgotten victim of WW2.
What he witnesses and experiences effect the rest of his life as he grows up, from a child, war survivor being raised in a foreign country and into an educated, caring man as he ages.

He struggles to adapt to other cultures not his own and wishes only to see his father, and mother again.
In the end, George’s experience brings a deep understanding, protection and healing to his new family, in Australia.
The narrator, ‘Humphrey Bower’ does a brilliant job of drawing the listener into George’s world and keeping them captive throughout the entire, terrible journey.
If you’re really not an audio book person, then you can get the book here…Trust me, it’s worth it!


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