Week 10 – of Curses and Murder

Yet another week of SYNC FREE AUDIOBOOKS…
This time, if murder, curses, witches and false promises are up you alley then it’s all here.

Starting with Shakespeare and…


Infamously known as the cursed Scottish play, Macbeth is perhaps Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy. When General Macbeth is foretold by three witches that he will one day be King of Scotland, Lady Macbeth convinces him to get rid of anyone who could stand in his way – including committing regicide. As Macbeth ascends to the throne through bloody murder, he becomes a tyrant consumed by fear and paranoia.
An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring: James Marsters as Macbeth; Joanne Whalley as Lady Macbeth; Josh Cooke as Banquo and others; J.D. Cullum as Macduff and Second Murderer; Dan Donohue as Ross; Jeannie Elias as Second Witch and others; Chuma Gault as Lennox and Servant; Jon Matthews as Malcolm; Alan Shearman as Angus and others; André Sogliuzzo as Donalbain, Third Witch and others; Kate Steele as Lady Macduff, First Witch and Apparition; Kris Tabori as Duncan and others.

The Curse of Crow Hollow

Written by Billy Coffey and beautifully narrated by Gabe Wicks.


With the “profound sense of Southern spirituality” he is known for (Publishers Weekly), Billy Coffey draws us into a town where good and evil—and myth and reality—intertwine in unexpected ways.
Everyone in Crow Hollow knows of Alvaretta Graves, the old widow who lives in the mountain. Many call her a witch; others whisper she’s insane. Everyone agrees the vengeance Alvaretta swore at her husband’s death hovers over them all. That vengeance awakens when teenagers stumble upon Alvaretta’s cabin, incurring her curse. Now a sickness moves through the Hollow. Rumors swirl that Stu Graves has risen for revenge. And the people of Crow Hollow are left to confront not only the darkness that lives on the mountain, but the darkness that lives within themselves.
“Coffey spins a wicked tale . . . [The Curse of Crow Hollow] blends folklore, superstition, and subconscious dread in the vein of Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery.’”
—Kirkus Reviews

I can just hear those finger nails scrawling over a blackboard right now!!
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Sync: Week 3 – Boys on the run

When you’re entering into the Coming of age years, or the right of passage, it is never easy for young boys, especially when there is death nearby.
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Johnny Get Your Gun

Narrated by Dion Graham.

This novel is also known as Death for a Playmate and it is the third book in the Virgil Tibbs mystery series, that began with In the Heat of the Night.
In this story, a nine-year-old boy who is lonely after a family move, shoots an older child that has stolen something from him, thus igniting the militant blacks and racist whites of 1960s Pasadena, into a black-white conflict involving riots and brutalities.
Here, childhood has gone awry, racism that ought to shock does not, and political conflicts only adds fuel to the fire.

On Two Feet and Wings

Narrated by the author Abbas Kazerooni

Is the story of a 10 year old boy who is forced to leave his war-torn home to escape Tehran. The Iran-Iraq War is at its bloodiest and the ayatollahs, or rulers of Iran, have reduced the age of recruitment into the army. If Abbas doesn’t leave soon he will have to go to war and he is too young to die.
This terrifying story brings to light the strange and often frightening city of Istanbul that Abbas has had to grow up fast, while living there.
But when he’s living alone for twelve weeks in a rundown hotel, he needs to learn to live by his wits and watch his back. Will he ever get his dream visa to escape to England?

These well narrated stories are about the courage of small boys and they are as gripping as any novel.
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